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Services & Offerings From Accentiqa

Blockchain Solutions

The blockchain is best known for being the technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether (the currency of Ethereum), but the blockchain is much more than an instrument of finance.

Big Data Analytics/ Data Science

Simplify data extraction and contextualization with RWaltz's Hadoop experts.

ERP Solutions

Flexible Cloud ERP Solutions to support the warehouse and production floor along with extensive accounting package.

Website Development

The Website is the most important component of your company’s marketing plan.


Unleashing the power of hand-held devices.

IT Consulting

We provide IT consulting services for selecting and developing a proper solution according to your business need

Why Choose Accentiqa for Development Services?


What is Reliability means by you? the quality of being trustworthy or of performing consistently well. Exactly this is what we provide to our Clients with our Strong Team Management. Our Reliability assurance will be given by our Quality Team as they striving to ensure the high quality of the solutions we develop.

Client Satisfaction

Our Client Satisfaction defines our Excellence this is the reason we always suggest better, do functional and create a feasible solution. Our Priority is to deliver the Best Outcome to have the long term Forge. And we continue this tradition through delegated responsibilities, personal accountability and freedom of action.

Rapid Development

For the Startup and other small scale business, we suggest Rapid Development launch their Identity in the Market. Within this Development, we do follow the Agile methodology to provide the minimum viable product (MVP). As we are committed to maintaining the Brand Value enriched by diversity and Integrity.

Technically Advanced

State-of-the-art development tools and technologies available in the market today and stay on pace with the fast evolving software development capabilities and uses of multimedia and the Internet.

Reasonable Cost

We believe in charging a fair price for a quality service and we do not add mark-up on any hardware and software bought from us, but charge openly and honestly in our labor rates. Ultimately, you'll not only get to make significant savings but also get more for your software budget.

Expert Support

Our Experts have years of experience in Developing and Supporting the Software and Web Solutions for the Business. We provide technical communication on a project where we have technical expertise with the ability to communicate effectively.

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