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About Us

Accentiqa Profile

Accentiqa Systems Pvt Ltd is a leading provider of IT consulting and software products and services since year 2010. Accentiqa combines proven domain expertise, vast experience and extensive capabilities in diverse business areas to generate the right IT solutions that meet your needs and effectively address your requirements.

Has a parent company in United States with development and business centers nationally in Florida, Pittsburgh and internationally across Africa and India with a healthy customer base spread across the world, Accentiqa  with its wide ranging capabilities and a flexible delivery Model, is well positioned to cater to the needs of companies in IT consulting and software domain areas. Our solutions help in anticipating business opportunities and harnessing them to extract optimum benefits.

Accentiqa offers a multifaceted collection of services and products that encompasses cutting-edge solutions and high quality products that addresses the varied needs of our customers and ensures business efficiencies for our customers.


Accentiqa provides services ranging from IT Consulting to Software Strategy, Networking, Architecture, ERP/CRM, Mobility, App development, Business Intelligence and Performance management, Outsourcing, Web Methodologies, areas of analysis, design, development and maintenance of next generation applications and information systems. Harnessing the latest technologies and combining strong knowledge and solid proficiency, we help our customers build large-scale, advanced systems that support their business operations efficiently and effectively.


We offer a broad lineup of product offerings including Quality Assurance tools, CMS, Website Builder, Digital Organizer & Mobile Computing Software, backed by support capabilities to meet the needs of customers that support their systems to effectively perform their operations and meet the most pressing of challenges within the context of how they need to do it.

Today, not only do we have a healthy market share in the highly competitive marketplace, but we also have the advantage of possessing high quality technical capabilities and a solid track record supplemented by a commitment to meet our customers expectations to a successful future.


The company has a team of highly experienced and qualified IT professionals with the requisite expertise to provide superior value for our clients by delivering high quality output designed to enhance your Return on Investment.

Uniquely, Accentiqa has a team that not only is skilled in handling the intricacies of technology, but also possesses high creativity skills. We believe that only the level of innovation can distinguish two equally matched skill sets. Our team members hold degrees from the countries most prestigious institutions. We have experts having managerial as well as technical background, including domain experts of each of the industries we focus on.

Technologies Mastered by Our Team

J2EE, XML, EJB, JMF, JSP, C, C++, QA etc
Mobility, Big Data, Hadoop, SAAS, Cloud Computing, Cassandra
And more state-of-the-art technologies


Accentiqa has the latest technology that equips it to efficiently handle projects on a global scale. We have created a disciplined yet comfortable work ethos, and with the latest resources, to keep the stress levels of our staff low as they constantly work to our clients needs and time.

We have spacious premises at all our office locations with huge capacity to even augment the number as and when required. Our advanced software and hardware tools make sure we are ready to take on work at a short notice.


To provide creative solutions and innovative products that capture, understand and address current and emerging requirements, integrates customers specific requirements and enhances their operational efficiency while maintaining high standards of professionalism, excellence and integrity.


To build up on our accomplishments, explore new territories and bring about a long lasting positive change that makes the difference for your business.

Our Plus Points

Technically Advanced

 State-of-the-art development tools and technologies available in the market today


Client specific requirements with the flexibility to react quickly and adjust to any changes


We can deliver with agility, quality the customized systems very quickly with our expertise

Reasonable Cost

No mark-up on any hardware and software bought from us, but charge openly and honestly in our labor rates


Professionals in the truest sense of the word who ensure that the deadlines are met whatever be the circumstances


Highly skilled programmers, engineers, mathematicians and scientists for our clients' proprietary software development projects,

Quality Talent

A rigorous screening process, backed by technical interview, reference check and written test, that ensures quality


We are a 100% US Software Development Company and our legal, banking and accounting relationships are spread all over USA.

Why Accentiqa?

  • We bring together a unique confluence of extensive capabilities across diverse business segments, strong management focus and an aptitude for adapting to customers requirements and engaging them in a spirit of trust that is required to make customer relationships a success.

  • While clients are drawn by our technical expertise, we rely on our capacity to use and leverage our knowledge to produce real business benefits. By integrating our expertise with our resources, tools and operational capabilities as well as through our network of alliance partners, we are well-positioned to offer the appropriate IT solutions that exceed our clients' needs in record time.

  • All our project managers directly interact with the Clients on every single requirement.

  • Our presence in India, US and Africa, ensures that we remain well placed to receive feedback & address your concerns before you arrive at work the following day.

  • We have a robust and time-tested Business Continuity Plan (BCP) that ensures that our business operations are not disrupted by any natural or unnatural disaster. The BCP reiterates our commitment to delivering the highest quality solutions using the onsite/offshore model, and protecting our clients from risk. Our business continuity plans are based on the need to protect professional staff, computing infrastructure, and intellectual property in order to help our customers remain in business through any contingency. That includes provisions to ensure the mobility of professional skills along with fully redundant communications backbones and computing infrastructures.

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